President’s Service Awards for Excellence

Elaine Borthwick

Elaine Borthwick, Director of Admissions for the Allard School of Law, is one of the 2019 recipients of the prestigious President’s Service Award for Excellence. This is UBC’s highest honour for staff for their contributions to the University, and Elaine is most deserving of this recognition.

Elaine has served as the law school’s Director of Admissions for over thirty years (of the more than forty she has been with the law school). During this time, Elaine has admitted several generations of British Columbia's legal profession to law school. Her personalized approach to recruitment, and leadership in improving processes, has ensured we continually attract the highest caliber of students to the Allard School of Law.

Elaine takes great personal interest in every prospective student, going above and beyond to support each applicant in their goals. Once admitted, Elaine makes a concerted effort to meet and welcome every new student to their cohort.

Over the years, the law school has relied on Elaine’s experience and influence to guide significant changes to our recruitment and admissions process. Elaine was the first Canadian law school admissions professional to be nominated to the Board of Trustees of the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC). Regarded by her peers as an advisor and mentor, Elaine has been key in positioning the Allard School of Law as a global leader in law school admissions.