$1 Million Estate Gift will Support Incoming Students for Years to Come

Nancy Wiggs

The name Nancy Wiggs is likely a familiar one for many of us who either worked or studied at the law school and UBC in the last 40 years. Nancy’s career at UBC began in the early 70’s, eventually culminating into the faculty administrator role at the law school - a position she held with dedication until her retirement in 2012.

Nancy’s commitment to the law school and the university is truly remarkable. We are delighted to announce that Nancy has made plans to support incoming law students through a tremendously generous estate gift of $1 million.  This endowed gift will support students for years to come.

“I knew exactly the kind of gift I wanted to make,” said Nancy.  “One of my best friends is Elaine Borthwick, who is the admissions officer at the law school. We’ve known each other from the day I arrived here, and we’ve become very, very close over the years. I have spent years listening to Elaine talk about the need for more admissions scholarships. And I thought, that’s where my money can go."

The Nancy E. R. Wiggs Scholarship in Law will be designed to attract the top JD students to the Allard School of Law. The award is especially designed to appeal to those that might be deciding between multiple offers from other law schools.  

“Nancy touched the lives of so many students during her time here and she will continue to do so through this generous gift. Her passion for the law school is inspiring and we are honoured to carry out her commitment to helping students,” said Dean Catherine Dauvergne, Allard School of Law. “An award like this can be life-changing for a student. It is a privilege to be able to provide our students with the support they need to realize their goals and dreams.”

“I hope that my gift will encourage other gifts,” says Nancy. “There’s quite a few faculty and alumni that make gifts, but it’s unusual for a staff member. I’m really proud of it, and I’m really thankful I was able to do it.”

Learn more about Nancy on the Allard School of Law History Project website.