Talking Past Each Other

Wednesday, April 4, 2018 - 12:30 to 13:45

Franklin Lew Forum

Talking Past Each Other describes the dialogue generated in Aboriginal and Treaty Rights litigation, where Indigenous peoples and the Crown forward arguments that stem from fundamentally different epistemological perspectives. This piece delves into two key questions contained within this discourse. First, what is our relationship to the land? Second, what does it mean to be sovereign? Talking Past Each Other explores these topics in the form of contemporary Indigenous dance. Following the piece, there will be an artist talk to discuss the key themes and metaphors. 

2L JD Student, Allard School of Law

Nigel is of Gitxsan and Cree ancestry. He has completed a BA at the University of British Columbia in the History Honours Program. He is now a 2L Juris Doctor student at the Peter A. Allard School of Law. Nigel is also a lead dancer for Dancers of Damelahamid, an Aboriginal dance company based in Vancouver, BC. He has performed as a lead dancer for the company in numerous works including; Sharing the Spirit 2007, Visitors Who Never Left 2009, Dancing Our Stories 2010, Spirit and Tradition 2010, Spirit Transforming 2012, In Abundance 2014, and Flicker 2016. Nigel has toured nationally and internationally with the company and has worked on the Coastal First Nations Dance Festival since 2008. 

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