Distance Learning Program - How to Apply

For information on eligibility to enroll in online courses, please review our Eligibility page.

Step 1: Online Application

Prospective students to the distance learning program must first complete an online application to UBC as an Access Studies student here.  When you have completed your application to the Access Studies program, send your UBC identification number and the date to the Distance Learning Program by clicking here.

Please note the application deadlines are as follows for admissions to Access Studies:

  • March 15 (for courses starting in May)
  • July 15 (for courses starting in September)
  • November 15 (for courses starting in January)

There may be an associated fee that must be paid for your application to be considered.

Information on how to apply to the Master of Laws (Common Law) Program can be found on the Program website.


Step 2: NCA Assessment and Transcripts

Prospective students should have the NCA send their NCA Assessment via email directly to the Distance Learning Program’s email address: distancelearning@allard.ubc.ca.  The NCA Assessment is a required part of the application to the Distance Learning Program. 

Prospective students should have the NCA to forward their academic transcripts used in their assessment along with the Assessment.  The academic transcripts are a required part of the application to the Distance Learning Program.


Step 3: English Language Requirements

Prospective students must meet UBC’s English Language requirements.  There are nine ways to meet UBC’s minimum English Language Admission Standard, listed here.  You will receive an email if you are required to submit evidence of English language proficiency.  Your application will not be evaluated until this is submitted to The University of British Columbia. 


Once all of the above steps are complete and all supporting documents have been received by Enrollment Services and the Allard Law Distance Learning Program, an assessment can be made to determine your eligibility to the program. 

UBC will notify you by email of the decision to be admitted to the program. 


Step 4: Pay Registration Deposit

Once you have been accepted, all registration fees and deposits are available on UBC’s Student Service Centre.  Log in with your CWL and then under the finance tab to view and pay your fees. Note the registration deposit is non-refundable, but it will be applied toward tuition if you take a course in the term during which you apply.


Step 5: Registration for Classes

Review our Courses page for information on when course registration opens for your course(s). Generally, Summer Session registration opens mid-spring and Winter Session registration opens mid-summer. The Allard School of Law will not register students in a course prior to the course's opening registration date. Accordingly, please do not submit registration materials in advance of the opening registration date for your course.

Complete an Enrolment of Non-Degree Students in Graduate Course form. A separate form must be completed for each online course. Please send the completed form(s) to the Distance Learning Program via e-mail (DistanceLearning@allard.ubc.ca)


Please note that course space is limited.  Submitting a completed form is not a guarantee of course enrolment.


Step 6: Pay Tuition and Fees

Payment of tuition and fees is done through UBC’s Student Service Centre (SSC)

Once registered, it is important to keep your mailing and email address information current on the SSC.  The email address you provide is how the Allard School of Law and the course instructors will contact you. 

For information about how to withdraw from a distance learning course once registered, please visit UBC's Student Services Website.