Student Wellbeing

I am in crisis:

Wellbeing and positive mental health are key components of academic success and a healthy lifestyle. 

Students who experience a greater sense of wellbeing are more able to learn and integrate information in effective ways. Studies on brain health show us that the better our wellbeing the easier it is to be in the correct mind space for optimal academic functioning.

Wellbeing not only impacts academic (logical) functioning, but also emotional intelligence. The greater the sense of wellbeing the more positive outcomes are seen in relationships, resilience, self-esteem, and self- regulation, etc.

It is well documented that those in the legal profession struggle with a variety of wellbeing issues, particularly depression and anxiety, and problematic substance use, more so than the general population and the majority of other professionals. Research shows that this can begin in law school. Allard School of Law is committed to being proactive in addressing this in law students, offering them knowledge to grow their EQ along with their IQ.

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