Graduate Student Profiles

Every year, UBC attracts a culturally, ethically and linguistically divers group of students from many different legal backgrounds. With their impressive academic backgrounds and work experiences, this group of students contributes to an inspiring and highly collaborative community of academics. Learn more about our students and their research work, by reading the profiles below. 

Stefan Pauer, PhD Candidate
A former Policy Officer at the European Commission, Stefan Pauer is a climate policy professional with several years of experience in policy analysis and development. His research investigates a vital climate policy, namely the implementation of carbon tariffs, which is among the most promising options to make much-needed progress on reducing emissions. More>
Andrew Pilliar, PhD Candidate
Chief Justice of Canada Beverly McLachlin has identified access to justice as the major issue facing the Canadians legal system. Andrew Pilliar is hoping to contribute to a solution to this crisis through his doctoral research entitled “Understanding the Market for Personal Legal Services to Improve Access to Civil Justice in Canada”. More>
Meredith Hagel, PhD Candidate
Meredith Hagel has been awarded a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Grant for her research on judicial decision-making in Canadian courts of appeal. Her research focuses on the process behind judicial decisions and the influences and constraints on decision-making rather than the decisions themselves. More>
Kinwa Bluesky, PhD Candidate
Kinwa Bluesky developed an affinity for the law early on. Clair Huxtable, the matriarch on the Cosby Show was a lawyer, and, at the age of eight, Kinwa decided that she wanted to be a lawyer like Clair. Forces closer to home have also shaped her legal interests. She is writing her PhD thesis under the supervision of Gordon Christie, Steve Wexler and John Borrows on how Indigenous law is expressed through the creation of art in Gitksan, Coast Salish and Anishinabe communities. It is a topic that resonates with Kinwa on a personal level. "I am an Anishinabe artist, " she explains, "as is everyone in my family. I learned about who I am and will become through our art." More>
Zoe Prebble, PhD Candidate
Zoe Prebble is currently writing her dissertation on the overlap between different criminal offences. She explains "there can be a lot of political incentives to enact new 'specific' offences to cover conduct that is already covered by a general offence. But there are few corresponding incentives to get rid of redundant offences." More>
Craig Bateman , PhD Candidate
Craig Bateman is studying the history of the concept of the sovereign state. His research focuses on the marriage of two institutions, the Roman Empire and the Catholic Church, which occurred around 325 CE. Craig traces how the confluence of these institutions impacted the development of the European concept of 'state sovereignty,' as it was eventually articulated, in a very nascent form, at the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. More>
Alison Yule, PhD Candidate
Alison Yule awarded a Law Foundation of BC Graduate Fellowship, was invited to be a visiting academic at the University of Oxford’s Centre for Criminology, and has received a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Doctoral Fellowship. More>