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COVID-19 Note: As a result of current recommendations for COVID-19, all Allard Law courses were moved to an online format on March 16, and a detailed plan is in place for exams. Accordingly, all Allard Law students will be able to complete their academic course work and receive grades, and those anticipating graduating will be able to do so. May 11, 2020 remains the earliest possible articling start date for those Allard Law students anticipating graduating in May.

The upshot: if you have hired 2020 summer or 2020/21 articling students, they will be ready to start working as planned.

We are keenly aware of the economic and logistical uncertainty legal employers are facing. You may be wondering how or even if you can support the student(s) you’ve hired. As new members of the profession, students come to work with little expectation or what their experience “should” be. This, combined with their ease and familiarity with virtual communications and learning, means students are positioned to succeed in circumstances where face-to-face training, work, feedback, and mentorship may not be possible. We have every confidence that our students are prepared to work hard and make the most of their experience, regardless of the circumstances.

If you would like to discuss how best to support onboarding new students given current social distancing measures, please feel free to contact our office.  We are also available to speak if you have any questions on, or would like to share intel about, hiring, hire backs, and the impact of COVID-19 on your future student needs. Our entire team is working remotely, but remain available by email, phone, or Skype.

Our absolute best wishes for good health and a supportive community at this time.



The Career Services Office (CSO) provides employers with meaningful and effective opportunities to connect with and hire Allard School of Law students and alumni.

Our year-round online and in-person employer resources can be tailored to each employer’s unique recruitment needs.

Post a Job or Event

The CSO’s online recruitment system, Allard Careers and Events (ACE), makes it easy for employers to advertise and manage law-related job opportunities and events online – completely free of charge.

Sign up for your ACE Employer Account to connect with nearly 800 Allard School of Law students and thousands of alumni.

All job and event postings are subject to the CSO’s review and approval, and job postings must meet the following criteria:

  • Be law-related or adjacent;
  • If with a for-profit or public sector employer, be paid (minimum wage or higher);
  • Not contemplate the unauthorized practice of law; 
  • Absent special circumstances, not blend articling and administrative (e.g., legal assistant, paralegal) positions, or leave the chance of articles to some uncertain date in the future; and
  • Not seek to retain a lawyer or law student for direct representation. 

Because it makes sense (and cents!).

In British Columbia, articling students can provide virtually all legal services that a lawyer is permitted to provide, including conducting research, drafting documents, and attending court (subject to the limitations of Law Society Rule 2-60(2)).  Hiring an articled student can free up extra time for you to take on more clients, develop another aspect of your practise, or simply provide you with more time to enjoy life outside of work.

It is a short term commitment (9 months of employment, plus the 10 week Professional Legal Training Course (PLTC)), and can be shared with another lawyer or firm (ideal for situations where a student seeks a more diverse range of practice areas than may be available at a firm, or if the firm has insufficient work to retain a student for the 9 month articling period).  Once completed, the student is licensed to practise law in British Columbia.

Hiring an articling student is an excellent opportunity for you to provide training and mentorship.  You have the opportunity to assist a student just as your principal assisted you.

Subject to applicable Law Society and/or Bar Association rules/guidelines, employers can recruit and hire summer and articling students at any time of the year.  

In British Columbia, employers should consult Law Society Rule 2-58 (specific to articling recruitment), and the Vancouver Bar Association’s (VBA) voluntary Student Guidelines and Articling Interview Guidelines.

We can help! 

It’s Time to Hire an Articling Student: What Next? is a free resource for employers, co-developed by the CSO for the National Association for Law Placement (NALP). It covers a variety of helpful hiring topics, including when and how to hire an articling student, how to identify a pool of candidates, how to conduct interviews and select a successful candidate, articling student salaries, making an offer, and articling documentation.

Additional questions on hiring law students? Please contact the CSO.


ACE’s job posting intake form will guide you on all required and recommended information.

If you have additional questions on what to include, feel free contact the CSO – we’re always happy to work with employers to craft their perfect job posting.

Yes, absolutely - via ACE.

Employers who elect to receive applications via ACE will be able to download candidate’s application packages directly from the platform.

The Allard School of Law does not rank students. However, since 2008, we have provided a Sessional Grading Distribution for students in the JD program, which sets out our range of grades and percentage spread for each year of students.

Under the Allard School of Law’s Grading Rules, it is exceptionally rare for any of our JD students to achieve a GPA at or over 85% (or an “A” average). Our first year assignments and April (final) examinations are subject to a requirement that the average marks for each class fall between a range of 70% to 75%. For upper year courses, the range is 70% to 74-79%, depending on class size.

Network & Recruit

The CSO organizes popular annual events for employers to meet, recruit, and interview Allard School of Law students.

Use your ACE Employer Account to register for the Allard School of Law’s:

  • Large Employer Career Fair (January) and Small & Boutique Firm Career Fair (February/March), attended by hundreds of Allard School of Law Students.
  • In-person and videoconference On-Campus Interviews (OCIs) for second year summer positions.

Directly contact the CSO to:

  • Receive a Resume Book of graduating students seeking articles.
  • Host a summer a tour of your office through the CSO’s Employer Tours Program.
  • Enquire about the CSO’s fall Social Justice Forum.

Share Your Expertise

Employers are best positioned to provide Allard School of Law students with practical tips and first-hand knowledge on careers in law and professional development.

In sharing their expertise and engaging with Allard School of Law students, employers also have the unique opportunity to raise their profile on campus and provide helpful information on their opportunities and workplace culture.

Contact the CSO for more information on how you can share your expertise, including by:

  • Participating in our summer Mock Interview Program
  • Speaking on a CSO Career Panel or Information Session
  • Mentoring an Allard School of Law student via the CSO’s CBABC Student Mentorship Program

Request Personalized Recruitment Support

Contact us to explore how we can help you develop or refine your recruitment strategy and connect you with Allard School of Law candidates.