Faculty Publications

The Peter A. Allard School of Law is home to an outstanding group of teachers and scholars who are leaders in their fields of research. From human rights and sustainability to Indegenous and family law, our faculty are globally recognized for their groundbreaking work and influential research in numerous areas of law.

Here's a list of the most recent faculty publications:

Janine Benedet
“The Paper Tigress: Canadian Obscenity Law 20 Years after R v Butler
(2015) 93:1 Can. Bar Rev. 1-37

Ljiljana Biuković & Pitman B. Potter
Local Engagement With International Economic Law and Human Rights
Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2013

Joost Blom
“Constitutionalizing Canadian Private International Law - 25 Years Since Morguard
(2017) 13:2 J P Int'l L 259-293

Wei Cui
“Does Judicial Independence Matter? A Study of the Determinants of Administrative Litigation in an Authoritarian Regime”
Full text: (2017) 38:3 U Pa J Int'l L 941-998
Allard Research Commons
SSRN Paper

Wei Cui
“Taxation of Non-Residents' Capital Gains”
in Alexander Trepelkov, Harry Tonino & Dominika Halka, eds. United Nations Handbook on Selected Issues in Protecting the Tax Base of Developing Countries, 2d ed.
New York: United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Financing for Development Office, 2017
pp. 107-154

Emma Cunliffe & Gary Edmond
“Reviewing Wrongful Convictions in Canada ”
(2017) 64 Crim. L.Q. 473-

Robin Elliot & Michael Elliot
“Striking the Right Balance: Rethinking the Contest Between Freedom of Religion and Equality Rights in Trinity Western University v. The Law Society of British Columbia
(2017) 50:3 U.B.C. L. Rev. 797-883
Allard Research Commons
SSRN Paper

Toby Goldbach
“From the Court to the Classroom: Judges' Work in International Judicial Education”
(2016) 49:3 Cornell Int'l L.J. 617-682

Nikos Harris
R. v. Seruhungo: The Supreme Court of Canada "Substantially" Affirms a Powerful Tool to Protect Against Wrongful Convictions Caused by Vetrovec Witnesses”
(2017) 38 C.R. (7th) 64-72

Li-Wen Lin
“Behind the Numbers: State Capitalism and Executive Compensation in China”
Full text: (2017) 12:2 U. Pa. Asian L. Rev. 140-185
SSRN Paper

W. Wesley Pue
“Document: Common Law Legal Education in Canada's Age of Light, Soap and Water”
(2016) 39:2 Man. L.J. 205-240

Robert Yalden, Janis Sarra, Paul D. Paton, Mark Gillen, Mary Condon, Carol Liao, Michael Deturbide, Mohamed F. Khimji, Bradley Bryan & Gary Campo
Business Organizations: Practice, Theory, and Emerging Challenges, 2d ed.
Toronto: Emond Montgomery Publications, 2018

Erez Aloni
“Capturing Excess in the On-Demand Economy”
Full text: (2017) 39 U Haw L Rev 315-356
SSRN Paper

Asha Kaushal
“Constituent Power: Political Unity and Constitutional Plurality”
Full text: (2017) 37:2 NJCL 91-117

Mary Liston
“Administering the Charter, Proportioning Justice: Thirty-five Years of Development in a Nutshell”
Full text: (2017) 30:2 Can J Admin L & Prac 211-246

Graham Reynolds
“The Role of Courts in Assisting Individuals in Realizing Their s. 2(b) Right to Information about Court Proceedings”
in Karim Benyekhlef et al., eds., eAccess to Justice
Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 2016
pp. 95-121
Online Access (with full-text)

Wei Cui
“What Should We Talk About When Talking About Tax Incentives and FDI?”
in International Tax Principles in BRICS and OECD Countries (Special Edition)
Revista Direito Tributário Internacional Atual, 2016

Judith Mosoff, Isabel Grant, Susan B Boyd & Ruben Lindy
“Intersecting Challenges: Mothers and Child Protection Law in BC”
Full text: (2017) 50:2 U.B.C. L. Rev. 435-504

Douglas C. Harris
“Property and Sovereignty: An Indian Reserve and a Canadian City”
Full text: (2017) 50:2 U.B.C. L. Rev. 321-392

Natasha Affolder
“Transnational Carbon Contracting: Why Law's Invisibility Matters”
in A. Claire Cutler & Thomas Dietz, eds., The Politics of Private Transnational Governance by Contract
Abingdon: Routledge, 2017

Isabel Grant
“Sentencing for Intimate Partner Violence in Canada: Has s. 718.2(a)(ii) Made a Difference?”
Full text: (2017) 11 Victims of Crime Research Index 5-22

Camden Hutchison
“Law and Economics Scholarship and Supreme Court Antitrust Jurisprudence, 1950-2010”
Full text: (2017) 21 Lewis & Clark L Rev 145-209
SSRN Paper

Carol Liao
“The Changing Face of the Non-Profit Sector: Social Enterprise Legislation in British Columbia”
in Nick J. Mulé & Gloria C. DeSantis, eds., Shifting Terrain: Nonprofit Policy Advocacy in Canada
McGill-Queen's University Press, 2017
pp. 82-109

Carol Liao
“A Critical Canadian Perspective on the Benefit Corporation”
Full text: (2017) 40:2 Seattle U. L. Rev. 683-716
SSRN Paper

Shigenori Matsui
“'Never Had a Choice and Have No Power to Alter': Illegitimate Children and the Supreme Court of Japan”
Full text: (2017) 44:3 Ga J Int'l & Comp L 577-635

Pitman B. Potter
“Law and Art in China: Domination and Resistance”
Full text: (2017) 58:1 C. de D. 137-161

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