UBC Law at Allard Hall Launches History Project

UBC Law at Allard Hall Launches History Project - UBC Faculty of Law at Allard Hall

UBC Law at Allard Hall Launches History Project

The "Old Sweats" class reunion (Class of 1948). Photo courtesy of University Archives.

Since the law school first opened its doors in 1945, we've seen our graduates serve our highest courts, help shape our laws and combat corruption around the world. We've also seen dramatic changes in the way legal education is taught and learned, from new buildings to innovative technologies.

To help tell the story of UBC Law's rich history, the Faculty has launched an online historical archive that will include searchable information about former deans, professors, alumni and others who have made significant contributions to British Columbia's legal history.

Members of the UBC Law community are invited to contribute to this website in the form of stories and photos to ensure the website continues to serve as a comprehensive archive of our law school's vibrant history.

The UBC Law History Project is made possible thanks to a generation donation from Peter A. Allard, Q.C.

Visit the UBC Law History Project to learn more: http://historyproject.allard.ubc.ca/