Graduate Student Profile: Craig Bateman

Graduate Student Profile: Craig Bateman - UBC Faculty of Law at Allard Hall

Graduate Student Profile: Craig Bateman

Craig Bateman

By Jianfeng Ji, PhD Candidate, UBC Faculty of Law

Craig Bateman, a PhD Candidate in the Faculty of Law, is studying the history of the concept of the sovereign state. His research focuses on the marriage of two institutions, the Roman Empire and the Catholic Church, which occurred around 325 CE. Craig traces how the confluence of these institutions impacted the development of the European concept of 'state sovereignty,' as it was eventually articulated, in a very nascent form, at the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. His research draws on a number of different sources including historical documents, and archeological evidence. Craig hopes that his work will help to clarify how sovereignty should be conceptualized in international law, and thereby provide guidance on when the international community should intervene in a sovereign state to address human rights violations.

Craig is currently working under the supervision of Professor Dennis Pavlich. Professor Pavlich has been a great encouragement to Craig and also shares a genuine enthusiasm for the subject matter of the thesis.

Prior to starting his PhD studies, and during, Craig worked for the UBC Law library and the Library Processing Centre at UBC. He also clerked at the New Westminster Courthouse. When he completes his PhD, he hopes to find a University teaching position that will allow him to continue his research in the areas of legal history and international law.