How to Apply in the Indigenous Category

Applicants who self-identify as a Canadian Aboriginal within the First Nations, Métis or Inuit communities are encouraged to apply in the Indigenous category. These applicants will automatically be considered in the regular category as well. Download the brochure. Applicants are encouraged to review the Program of Legal Studies for Native People (PLSNP) information here.

All applicants, including Indigenous applicants, are required to:

  1. Submit an application form, available online at:
  2. Write the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). Applicants must register to write the LSAT at least 1 month in advance of the LSAT test date. Further details are available on the Law School Admission Council website at
  3. Arrange for all post-secondary transcripts to be sent to the Allard School of Law.
  4. A personal statement (2 to 3 pages double-spaced). This statement, in the form of a biographical essay, may include details such as connections with Aboriginal communities, work history, community work, academic achievements, and other achievements.

In addition to the basic requirements, Indigenous applicants must also submit:

  1. Two reference letters. The reference letters can be sent directly from the referees to Admissions, or applicants can send them to Admissions. The reference letters must be in sealed envelopes, signed over the seal by the referee.
  2. Proof of Aboriginal ancestry. All applicants are required to provide evidence of their eligibility to apply in the Indigenous category by supplying a photocopy (front and back) of their Indian Status card, provincial Métis card or Government of Canada or respective provincial or territorial government documentation supporting their self-identification. Applicants without these cards or with a card not from a provincial  Métis organization, and Non-status Indians should contact the Associate Director, Indigenous Legal Studies for additional information prior to applying.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Program of Legal Studies for Native People: Applicants are encouraged to review the Program of Legal Studies for Native People (PLSNP) information here. Indigenous applicants with conditional offers will be expected to successfully participate in the PLSNP. Individuals given full offers are not required to attend the PLSNP, although they are encouraged to as it is hugely beneficial. Successful applicants who have completed the PLSNP will be given credit for first year Property Law (which has the added benefits of reducing a student's overall tuition as students pay per credit, and freeing up time during a rigous first year of studies).


The Peter A. Allard School of Law accepts the February sitting of the LSAT for an application due the previous December. Applicants in the Indigenous category can expect that the Admissions Committee will meet in February and final decisions will allow for the February LSAT marks to be calculated with the admissions appliactions. Indigenous applicants can expect to hear from Allard Law by early March.

For more information, please see the Indigenous Legal Studies Brochure.