Wei Cui

Associate Professor
Director, Centre for Asian Legal Studies


B.A. (Harvard College), M.A. in Philosophy (Tufts University), J.D. (Yale Law School), LL.M. in Taxation (New York University School of Law)  

Tel: 604.827.2089
Fax: 604.822.8108
E-mail: cui@allard.ubc.ca
Office: Allard Hall 452
Personal Web Page: https://ubc.academia.edu/WeiCui


Wei Cui’s research interests include tax law and policy, law and development, law and economics, and Chinese law and political economy. He has held visiting professorships at the law schools of Michigan, Northwestern, Columbia, and Melbourne Universities, among other institutions, and has served as a consultant to the United Nations, the Budgetary Affairs Commission of China’s National People’s Congress, and China’s Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation.  Professor Cui has had extensive practical experience in both U.S. and Chinese tax law. Between 2009 and 2010, he served as Senior Tax Counsel for the China Investment Corporation. Professor Cui is a current member of the Permanent Scientific Committee of the International Fiscal Association and serves as an advisor to a number of professional organizations in international taxation.


  • Taxation
  • Tax Policy
  • Economic Analysis of the Law
  • International Taxation
  • Ph.D. Seminar: Introduction to Legal Theory

Representative Published Works in English

Representative Published Works in Chinese

  • 《中国税务行政诉讼实证研究》,《清华法学》, 2015年第3期。
  • 《比较所得税法: 结构性分析(第3版)》(译著),与丁一合作,北京大学出版社2013年。
  • 《税收立法高度集权模式的起源》,《中外法学》2012年第4期
  • 《车船税率应由地方人大确定》,《新世纪周刊》,2011年1月31日
  • 《论跨境服务营业税征收规则》,《税务研究》2010年第11期
  • 《国有企业重组的“超特殊”税务处理:法律背景及评议》,《中外法学》2010年第6期
  • 《新法规释放出纳税人权利良性信号》,《法制日报》2010年6月22日
  • 《外商投资境内合伙企业的税法分析》,《环球法律评论》2009年第6期
  • 《新<合伙企业法>及<企业所得税法>对合伙企业所得税制的挑战》,《法学评论》2009年第2期
  • 《提高个税起征点拉动内需有限》,《第一财经日报》2008年12月4日
  • 《外商投资二元课税模式及其政策取向——基于‘机构、场所'概念的分析》,《中外法学》2008年第6期
  • 《准确衡量支付能力应该是个税改革的目标吗?》,《月旦财经法杂志》2006年12月第7期


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