Information for Prospective Students

The Career Services Office (CSO) at the Peter A. Allard School of Law facilitates and supports the training and professional development of the student body in respect of their individual career-related goals. The Career Services team works year round to provide career-related services to current Allard Law students and reecnt Allard Law alumni.

Chira, Jennifer and Tracy are all lawyers with a diversity of practice experience who are available to provide students with career guidance and answer questions about traditional and non-traditional career paths, Canadian and international recruitment processes, and general career-related advice.

The CSO's services include one-on-one student and recent alumni counselling appointments, career programming and seminars, recruitment and networking events, almost 200 handouts and a resource library, a website and online job board, and outreach to traditional and non-traditional employers and law societies in various jurisdictions.

The following is a list of some of the services provided by the CSO (we hold about 50 lunchtime panels and seminars each year!).

Information Sessions
  • Articling Search Information Session
  • Clerking Information Session
  • CSO Information Sessions for First Year Students
  • Government Information Sessions (federal and provincial employers)
  • International Internships Information Session
  • PLTC Information Session
  • Public Interest Work Placement Program Information Session
  • Summer Information Session (Downtown firms / Government)
  • Finding Unposted Jobs
  • Interview Tips Seminar
  • Law Firm 101
  • On-Campus-Interview Tips Seminar
  • Resume and Cover Letter Seminar
  • Interview Tips Panel with Firm Representatives
  • Law Practice 101 Panels: The Barrister & The Solicitor
  • Non-traditional Legal Careers: What Can You Do with a Law Degree?
  • Practising in Toronto Panel
  • Practising in Calgary Panel
  • Practising in New York City Panel
  • Practising in Asia Panel
  • Public Interest Panels (e.g. Practicing Public Interest Law; Incorporating Public Interest into Private Practice)
  • Small Firms & Solo Practice Panel
  • Substantive Law Panels (e.g. Collaborative Family Law; Aboriginal Law; Immigration Law; etc.)
  • Social Justice Forum
  • CBA Mentorship Program
  • Resume Book Service
Firm Tours
  • Large Downtown Toronto Firm and Government Employer Tours
  • Large Downtown Vancouver Firm Tours
  • Public Interest Law Hop (Vancouver)
  • Small & Boutique Vancouver Firm Tours
Career Fairs
  • ILSP Wine and Cheese Reception (with UBC Indiegnous Legal Studies)
  • Small and Boutique Firms Career Fair
  • Toronto and Calgary Firms Career Fair
  • Vancouver Large Employer Career Fair
  • Mock Interview Program (with Vancouver practising lawyers)
  • On-Campus Interviews (OCIs) with Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto firms
Additional Services
  • Annual publication of the Legal Careers Guide, Public Interest Legal Careers Guide and Graduate Careers Guide which contain information on job search strategies, application procedures in BC and beyond, and important contacts at potential employers
  • Collection and maintenance of information about legal career paths, practice areas, application procedures, provincial bar qualifications and judicial clerkships
  • Collection and maintenance of information about local, regional, national and international public interest law opportunities
  • Drop-in advising sessions
  • Monitoring of legal employer compliance with applicable recruitment guidelines
  • One-on-one career counselling appointments and strategy building for students and alumni, including individual resume and cover letter review and interviewing preparation
    • The Associate Director of the Indigenous Legal Studies Program is also available to provide career services assistance, including with application materials, to students in the program.
  • One-on-one career counselling appointments and strategy building for students and alumni who are specifically interested in practising public interest law
  • Outreach to employers and public interest organizations to establish employment and volunteer opportunities for students

Information About Summer & Articling Positions

Summer Positions After First-Year

There is a diverse range of summer positions that law students hold after their first year of studies. The positions vary greatly depending on students' interests, skills and previous experience. Very few law firms hire first-year law students, with the exception of a few firms in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and some smaller centres. Typically, only about 10 first-year students work at a law firm during the summer. The rest of the class finds positions with UBC or the Faculty of Law, government organizations, public interest organizations and private corporations. There are also a few summer programs available to first-year students including 2 law firm research fellowships and 6 public interest work placement opportunities.

The summer after first year is a great opportunity for students to develop transferable skills that will strengthen their applications for second-year summer positions and articling positions. As there are a limited number of postings for first-year summer positions, it is important that students take personal responsibility for their job search and take the initiative to seek out interesting opportunities. There are various resources available at the CSO for first-year students to support them with their summer job search.

Summer Positions After Second-Year
There is a diverse range of summer positions that law students hold after their second year of studies as well. The positions vary greatly depending on students' interests, skills and previous experience. Many law firms actively recruit second-year summer students from the major centres across Canada. In general terms, approximately 25% of the second-year class obtains a summer position with large Vancouver firms, 2%-5% with large Calgary firms, 2%-5% with large Toronto firms and 2%-5% with Ottawa firms. These positions generally lead to an articling position after graduation. An additional ~25% of the second-year class obtains a law-related summer position at a small firm, public interest, large corporate, or university employer (similar to the types of positions listed above under first-year summer positions). There are significantly more summer postings available at the CSO for second year students. There are various resources available at the CSO for second-year students to support them with their summer job search.
Articling Positions

Historically, more than 90% of graduates from the Allard School of Law seek articling positions after graduation and between 91%-99% have reported securing an articling position nine months after graduation.

Law graduates from UBC work throughout Canada, the United States and beyond. The specific geographic regions in which our graduates article has historically been as follows:
  • 78%: British Columbia, primarily the Lower Mainland (also the Interior/North and Vancouver Island);
  • 7%: Alberta, primarily Calgary and Edmonton;
  • 10% Ontario, primarily Toronto and Ottawa;
  • 5% other locations including New York, Hong Kong, Manitoba, Saskatchewan (Saskatoon & Regina), Newfoundland and the Yukon.

Approximately 8% - 10% of the class does not seek articles. These graduates typically pursue an LL.M. or other post-secondary degree, or accept a position in the public interest, corporate, or government sector.

Every year, between 15 - 20 graduates from the Allard School of Law clerk with a Canadian court. Approximately 75% clerk at a court in B.C., 5% clerk in other provinces, and 20% clerk in Ottawa.