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The Allard School of Law is home to 45 full-time professors, many of whom are recognized internationally for their groundbreaking work in diverse areas of law, from human rights and sustainability to Aboriginal and family law. Faculty publish in the world’s leading journals, produce books that have global influence, and present at conferences and meeting around the world. The research emerging from the Allard School of Law has been cited by courts and policymakers internationally and is regularly recognized through major awards and honours in both Canada and beyond.

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Affolder, Natasha affolder@allard.ubc.ca International Environmental Law, Biodiversity Law, Law and Sustainability
Aloni, Erez aloni@allard.ubc.ca Family Law, Contracts, Sexuality and law, Law and Society, Wealth inequality, On demand/“Sharing” economy, Law & Cities
Arbel, Efrat A. arbel@allard.ubc.ca Constitutional Law, Tort Law, Refugee Law, Prison Law and Policy, Legal Theory, Socio-Legal Studies
Bakan, Joel bakan@allard.ubc.ca Constitutional Law, Legal Theory, Socio-Legal Studies
Barkaskas, Patricia M. barkaskas@allard.ubc.ca Clinical Legal Education, Experiential Learning, Decolonizing and Indigenizing Law, Indigenous Pedagogies, Métis Law
Barrett, Nicole barrett@allard.ubc.ca Corruption, Human Trafficking, International Criminal Law, International Human Rights, Criminal Law
Benedet, Janine benedet@allard.ubc.ca Criminal Law, Sex Equality, Employment Discrimination, Violence Against Women, Sexual Harassment Law
Biuković, Ljiljana biukovic@allard.ubc.ca European union Law, International Trade and Investment Law, International Dispute Resolution, Comparative Law
Cheng, Jie jcheng@allard.ubc.ca Comparative Constitutional Law, Chinese Law and Governance, Hong Kong and Macau Basic Laws, Land Property Law, Information Law
Christie, Gordon christie@allard.ubc.ca Aboriginal Law, Indigenous legal orders, Indigenous legal theory, Legal Theory, and trans-cultural tort law
Cui, Wei cui@allard.ubc.ca Tax law and policy, the Chinese legal system, Law and Development, Law and Economics
Cunliffe, Emma cunliffe@allard.ubc.ca Expert evidence, Fact determination, Legal methodologies, Women and criminal law
Dauvergne, Catherine lawdean@allard.ubc.ca Immigration Law, Refugee Law, Public Law, Transnational Law
Duff, David G. duff@allard.ubc.ca Tax law and policy, Environmental Taxation, Comparative and International Taxation, Statutory Interpretation, Distributive Justice
Edinger, Elizabeth edinger@allard.ubc.ca Constitutional Law, Conflicts (Private International Law), Creditor-Debtor Law
Etxabe, Julen etxabe@allard.ubc.ca law and humanities, Legal Theory, Constitutional Law, International Law, Human Rights
Flynn, Alexandra flynn@allard.ubc.ca Municipal Law, Local Governance, Property Law, Administrative Law, Experiential legal education, Socio-Legal Studies, Law & Cities
Ford, Cristie ford@allard.ubc.ca Securities Regulation, Administrative Law, Regulatory Theory and Design
Gervin, Mark gervin@allard.ubc.ca
Ghebremusse, Sara ghebremusse@allard.ubc.ca natural resource governance, development, Human Rights
Goldbach, Toby S. goldbach@allard.ubc.ca Dispute Resolution, Legal Procedure, Comparative Law, Judicial Politics, Legal Theory, Aboriginal Law, Law and Development
Goold, Benjamin J. goold@allard.ubc.ca Criminal Law, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Human Rights, Privacy, Surveillance, and Security
Grant, Isabel grant@allard.ubc.ca Criminal Law, Violence Against Women, Sexual assault, Homicide, HIV Nondisclosure Prosecutions
Harris, Douglas harris@allard.ubc.ca Property Law, Condominium Law, Legal History, Law & Cities, Aboriginal Law
Harris, Nikos nharris@allard.ubc.ca Criminal Law and Procedure, The Law of Evidence, Legal Pedagogy
Hastie, Bethany hastie@allard.ubc.ca Labour & Employment Law, Human Rights, Socio-Legal Studies, Access to Justice
Hutchison, Camden hutchison@allard.ubc.ca Corporate Law, Contracts, Competition Law, Legal History
Johnston, Darlene djohnston@allard.ubc.ca
Kaushal , Asha kaushal@allard.ubc.ca Cultural Difference and Law, Constitutional Law and Theory, Critical and Legal Theory, Immigration Law, Citizenship Law, International Law
Kong, Hoi kong@allard.ubc.ca Administrative Law, Comparative Law, Constitutional Law, Environmental Law, Legal Theory, Regulatory Design and Governance
LeBaron, Michelle lebaron@allard.ubc.ca Cross-cultural Conflict Resolution, Law, Legal Culture and Conflict Resolution, Conflict across Worldview Differences, Creativity and Conflict, Gender and Conflict, Religion and Conflict, Teaching Innovation and Effective Teaching and Learning
Liao, Carol liao@allard.ubc.ca Business Law, Corporate Governance, Corporate Sustainability, Law and Economics, Social Enterprise Law, Contract Law, Business Ethics, Access to Justice
Lin, Li-Wen lin@allard.ubc.ca Comparative corporate governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, The interdisciplinary study of corporate law and economic sociology, Law and economic development, Chinese law
Liston, Mary liston@allard.ubc.ca Administrative Law, Public Law, Legal Theory, law and literature, Rule of law, Comparative public law, law and politics, immigration/refugee/citizenship law
MacDougall, Bruce bmacdougal@allard.ubc.ca Law of Obligations, Sexual Orientation and the Law, Secured Transactions, Commercial Transactions
Mack, Johnny mack@allard.ubc.ca Indigenous Law, Aboriginal Law, Constitutional Law, Indigenous legal theory, legal pluralism, post colonialism and settler colonialism.
Matsui, Shigenori matsui@allard.ubc.ca Constitutional Law, Mass Media Law, Information Law, Internet Law, Japanese Law, Law and Medicine
Mickelson, Karin mickelson@allard.ubc.ca International Environmental Law, International law of North-South relations, Third World Approaches to International Law.
Moore, Marcus moore@allard.ubc.ca Law of Obligations, Regulatory Theory and Design, Law Reform, Law and Society, Public Law and Governance, Sports Law
Parkes, Debra parkes@allard.ubc.ca Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Critical Prison Studies, Feminist Legal Studies, Socio-Legal Studies, Human Rights
Pavlich, Dennis pavlich@allard.ubc.ca Law of trust and property (including condominiums), Legal traditions that trace a heritage to Mesopotamian Codes and Jewish law.
Peihani, Maziar peihani@allard.ubc.ca Banking Law, Business Law, Corporate Law, International Law
Perrin, Benjamin perrin@allard.ubc.ca Criminal Law, International Law
Potter, Pitman potter@allard.ubc.ca Chinese Law and Politics, International Law, Human Rights, Comparative Law, Globalization, Law and Society
Reynolds, Graham J. reynolds@allard.ubc.ca Copyright Law, Intellectual Property Law, Property Law, Intellectual Property and Human Rights, Technology and Access to Justice, Law & Cities
Russo, Robert russo@allard.ubc.ca Immigration Law, Labour & Employment Law, Administrative Law, International Law
Sarfaty, Galit A. sarfaty@allard.ubc.ca Public and Private International Law, International Economic Law, Human Rights, Corporate Governance, Regulatory Governance, Law and Development, Legal Profession, Organizational Culture
Sarra, Janis sarra@allard.ubc.ca Corporate Governance, Securities Regulation, Contracts, Banking Law, Corporate Law, Insolvancy Law
Sheppard, Anthony sheppard@allard.ubc.ca Property Law, Digital Evidence, Evidence, Equitable Remedies, Taxation
Stacey, Jocelyn stacey@allard.ubc.ca Environmental Law, Administrative Law, Disaster Law, Public Law, Law and Democracy
Stewart, James Graham stewart@allard.ubc.ca International Criminal Law, theory of criminal law, International Human Rights, laws of armed conflict, moral and political philosophy
Tremblay , Régine tremblay@allard.ubc.ca Family Law, Family Mediation, Children Law, Private Law, Civil Law, Codification and recodification, Comparative Law, Feminist and Queer Theories
Turpel-Lafond, Mary Ellen turpel-lafond@allard.ubc.ca
Uteck, Anne uteck@allard.ubc.ca Privacy, Secured Transactions, Contracts, Torts
Weiler, Joseph weiler@allard.ubc.ca Anti Corruption and the Law, Labour Law and Policy, Sports Law, Media and Entertainment Law, Law of Cyberspace
Wood, Stepan wood@allard.ubc.ca Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Globalization, Transnational Governance, Voluntary Standards, Climate Change, Environmental Law
Young, Margot myoung@allard.ubc.ca Equality law and theory, Social and Economic Rights, Comparative Constitutional Law, Social Welfare Law, Canadian Social Union