Emeritus Faculty

The Allard School of Law is proud of its emeritus members. These individuals contributed to the school's rich learning environment and helped law students to expand their world view. The list below provides some background and contact information for emeritus faculty members. Please note that contact information is not available for all members.

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Email Research Interests
Black, William black@allard.ubc.ca Human Rights Reform, Equality Rights, and other Charter rights, Mediation and other Dispute Resolution within Human Rights Agencies, International Human Rights
Blom, Joost blom@allard.ubc.ca Contracts, Torts, Conflict of Law (private international law), Intellectual Property, Comparative Law
Boyd, Susan B. boyd@allard.ubc.ca Feminist Legal Theory, Family, Law and Gender, Law and Sexuality, Parenthood Law, Child Custody Law, Law and Social Justice
Boyle, Christine L.M. boyle@allard.ubc.ca Sexual assault, Discrimination, Fact determination
Burns, Peter burns@allard.ubc.ca
Davis, Ronald davis@allard.ubc.ca Pension Law, Corporate Law, Trust Law, Economics Law, Society Insolvency Law
Diebolt, Robert diebolt@allard.ubc.ca
Egleston, Don Not available
Elliot, Robin elliot@allard.ubc.ca Organizing Principles of Canada's Constitution, Federal Paramountcy and Interjurisdictional Immunity Doctrines, Equality Rights, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Association
Farquhar, Keith farquhar@allard.ubc.ca Family Law, Trusts, Succession, Real Property, Conflicts of Law
Hickling, Tony mahickling@shaw.ca Resolution of Labour Disputes
Jackson, Michael jackson@allard.ubc.ca First Nations law, Prison Law and Penal Policy, International Human Rights
MacCrimmon, Marilyn Not available
MacIntyre, James macintyre@allard.ubc.ca Labour Law, Labour Arbitration Law, Trusts, Equitable Remedies
McClean, Albert mcclean@allard.ubc.ca
Paterson, Robert K. paterson@allard.ubc.ca Cultural Property issues, Aboriginal Cultural Heritage and Property Law in Canada, Cultural Property and International Trade and Investment Law
Reid, Robert reid@allard.ubc.ca
Slutsky, Barry slutsky@allard.ubc.ca
Wexler, Stephen Not available
Young, Claire young@allard.ubc.ca Tax law and policy, Sexuality and the Law, Feminist Legal Theory